Welcome to MAMA Services, we are the longest established private midwifery and allied services clinic in Victoria.

Who are we?

We are Midwives, Allied Health professionals and Complementary therapists, who are all focused on caring for the woman and family throughout pregnancy birth and the postnatal period. Pregnant? Come to MAMA. Birthing & wanting more support? Come to MAMA. Needing support after your baby? Come to MAMA.

MAMA Services aims to have everything you need under the one roof, so you can have a holistic team approach to your care, maximising the benefits to you and your baby. Learn more about what our Midwives can offer you Here (link to About MAMA Midwives)

What do we do?

The MAMA team take a holistic, continuity of care approach to caring for the mother, her bub (in womb or in arms), her partner and any other family members. This means we have the mother, baby & family at the centre of the care, and all of the services support her as needed. The continuity model ensures that you supported by the same caregiver(s) and you know who is looking after you.

About us & Our Vision

MAMA has been established by midwives Kelly Langford and Jan Ireland to provide the benefit of generations of midwife wisdom and experience to the community. Jan & Kelly have close to 50 years experience between them, and have the wisdom of a fabulous team of Midwives and practitioners surrounding them with the same vision; to support you.

The MAMA centre in Kensington, Victoria, is a hub for midwives (in practice or in training) and mothers (experienced or expecting) to access services and support. It was the first of its kind in Victoria.

Our vision is greater access to independent advice and continuity of care for mothers and families, empowering decision making and individualised care, and in turn reducing postnatal depression.

Our statistics reflect our passion for what we do, take a look:

In the 6 years we have been open, we have supported over 1000 families across Victoria, from preconception to the postnatal phase.

Our Birth Statistics are reflective of our Midwives passion & experience, with a vaginal birth rate of 87%. This is within international recommendations with a 10%-15% caesarean section rate is recommended by the World Health Organisation* (as the ideal amount to minimize maternal and infant morbidity and mortality), as opposed to the national average of only 65%.

We also have a Breastfeeding rate of 99% at 4 months postnatal compared to a national average of 40%.