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Women’s health physiotherapist

Women’s Health physiotherapists are experienced in the management of pregnancy and post pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions. These include coccyx pain, pelvic girdle pain and thoracic pain. They assist with return to sports after childbirth, which if done without the assistance of a professional can be detrimental to your body. A big focus of Women’s health physiotherapists is also the prevention and management of incontinence; wether it be caused by trauma from birth, or simply from weakening from carrying a pregnancy. Women’s Health physiotherapists are experts in diagnosing and treating prolapse, chronic pelvic pain and perineal trauma. They are also able to assist in the treatment of mastitis, pre and post-operative pelvic surgery rehabilitation and pre and postnatal abdominal muscle dysfunction.

They are also able to assist with antenatal and postnatal education. The MAMA physio is able to conduct pregnancy-specific exercise classes, and produce individual musculoskeletal treatments for pregnancy-related back pain and incontinence.

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Days available: Thursday


Children’s physiotherapist

Assessments and early intervention can assist infants and young children to develop their motor skills and maximize their potential.

Children we see in our clinic may present with the following:

    • Neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy
    • Children born prematurely
    • Acquired Brain Injury
    • Neuromuscular disorders
    • Genetic and metabolic disorder
    • Developmental Delay
    • Infants with torticollis (abnormal head or neck position)
    • Infants with plagiocephaly (flattening of the head)
    • Infants and young children with weakness/reduced balance/coordination

You may have concerns with your child’s development for which PaNDA for Kids can assist you with:

  • Floppy or stiff
  • Born prematurely
  • Flat spot on head or preferring to look in one direction
  • Delay in motor milestones
  • Recovery after major surgery
  • Not tolerating tummy time
  • Asymmetry in movement between sides of the body

Book today by calling 9376 7474, or send an appointment enquiry at the top of this page!

Days available: Monday & Thursday
Clinic: Kensington