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About Midwives and Mothers Australia

MAMA is the first holistic Midwifery centre, providing pregnancy care, education and support for Victorian women and their families.


MAMA is a team of a passionate Midwives and other practitioners offering antenatal and postnatal care and support for Mothers and their families across Melbourne.

We are joined by a passionate team of practitioners, support staff and a network of volunteers – many of them past clients who have become part of the family! MAMA has been established by midwives Kelly Langford and Jan Ireland to provide the benefit of generations of midwife wisdom and experience to the community. Kelly has been a practicing midwife for 10 years, and Jan for over 40!

The MAMA’s main hub is in Kensington, Victoria. The centre is for midwives (in practice or in training) and mothers (experienced or expecting), their families and support people to access services and support. It is the first of its kind in Victoria.

Key to our success is our eligibility to offer Medicare rebates for some antenatal and postnatal Midwifery & Medical services. This helps us to achieve our vision of greater access to independent advice and continuity of care for mothers and families.

Our beliefs

We believe that pregnancy, labour and birth are profound events. We believe that independent advice and continuity of care provided by midwives from the antenatal through to postnatal stages improves physical and emotional outcomes for mothers. We believe that these outcomes are crucial to the wider wellbeing of families and communities.

Our work

We respect mothers as active participants in decisions regarding their pregnancy, birth and wellbeing. We provide guidance based on each client’s unique circumstances to achieve the best outcome for mother and baby. Whilst we offer continuity of midwifery care as primary carers, we also provide additional support to families who have chosen other primary models of pregnancy care, be it obstetrics, general practice or allied health professions.

Our goals

We aim to provide affordable private midwifery & holistic care throughout pregnancy, birth and early parenting. We aim to enhance women’s and families’ health during this wonderful and challenging time. MAMA aims to focus on services that are under-resourced in the community, such as early postnatal care.  Additionally, we plan to assist midwives to become eligible to provide Medicare rebates, and start their own private midwifery practice with us.

Our Green Ethos

At MAMA we believe there is nothing more natural than normal birth, and we pride ourselves on caring and supporting mothers, including mother nature herself. MAMA is a green company – and it’s not just our logo. Our internal practices reflect our desire to create a positive impact on the world, and we want our business to be transparent about our environmental and social impact. Some of our practices include using green energy, ethical paper , post consumer recycled toilet paper, organic cleaning products, reusable midwifery equipment, reducing paper wastage utilising online invoices and client files, and promoting our reusable cups. We are currently in the process of becoming a BCorp  and can’t wait to continuously improve our practices to ensure mother earth is cared for.