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Massages are available 7 days a week*! Call 9376 7474 or 9013 0577 to book. (*by appointment)


MASSAGE for Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal

Regular massage has many benefits. It can improve muscle & joint function, enhance circulation and relieve both physical & mental tension. More than a massage, this nurturing, aromatic treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. So often it’s the mental and emotional strain that can affect our physical health. Massage can be used to treat the following:

  • Backache, hip and pelvic pain
  • Neck pain, headaches
  • Leg cramps
  • Swelling of feet and hands
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Stress, anxiety & depression

Induction Massage is also available, to assist the body to go into labour naturally.

1 hour Massage $100

Labour Induction Massage (90 minutes) $125

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE for Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal

A consultation precedes all treatments to ensure essential oils and application methods are chosen specific to your needs. Clients receive a small bottle of the oil used in their massage to help extend the benefits of the treatment at home.

Aromatherapy massage for pregnancy is a nurturing treatment with a special focus on the physical and psychological needs during this special time. One study done by The Touch research Institute** showed a reduction in anxiety, stress hormones and obstetrical complications in women who received regular massage during their pregnancies.  Aromatherapy massage supports the changing body and can help to relieve the following discomforts of pregnancy:

  • Backache, hip and pelvic pain
  • Neck pain, headaches
  • Leg cramps
  • Swelling of feet and hands
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Stress, anxiety & depression

Personalised aromatherapy and massage treatments are valuable in helping to prepare the body for birth, both physically and mentally. Regular treatments throughout pregnancy provide benefits for both mum and baby. Aromatherapy and/or massage can be useful for induction if required.

Equally important is massage to nurture new mothers as they recover from birth and adjust to the demands of motherhood. So often the self care employed by women during their pregnancies stops once the baby is born. During the postnatal period aromatherapy and massage can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Healing of wounds & prevention of infection
  • Relief from muscular tension, often associated with birth or breastfeeding posture
  • Help treat breastfeeding issues: under or over supply, mastitis
  • Ease other discomforts e.g. digestive issues, poor sleep, fatigue
  • Alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression, low confidence
  • Empowerment as a new mum by learning how to care for your family with natural, aromatic remedies.

Each stage of our children’s lives brings new challenges as parents. Especially significant for parent is the saying “fill your own cup first so you can give to others”. Sonya provides nurturing treatments specific to your needs at any stage in your parenting journey.

Aromatherapy Consult + Massage : Pregnancy 

Longer treatment times are recommended to allow for thorough consultation and assessment as the body is constantly changing during this time.

75mins/$120   90mins/$145

Aromatherapy Consult + Massage

45mins/$80   60mins/$100   90mins/$145

**Link to study mentioned above :