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Support to become an Endorsed Private Practice Midwife in Victoria

Support to become an Endorsed Private Practice Midwife in Victoria


MAMA runs a full day workshop on ‘becoming an Endorsed Midwife in Private Practice’ three times a year. The workshop sends participants away with a thorough understanding of the transition to private practice, and the process for becoming Endorsed.
The cost is $150, to book call MAMA on 9376 7474.
MAMA also runs workshops for Midwives every month on different topics, that focus on continuity of care and community/private practice. See the ‘classes & workshops’ tab here for more information, or email to be added to our email list!


It is a requirement by law to practice midwifery to hold PI insurance in Australia. Hospital midwives are insured by their employer. In private practice, midwives must insure themselves.

There is currently only one insurance policy available through MIGA, which has a policy for midwives that is supported by the Australian Government. You must be considered ‘endorsed’ to obtain this insurance. Insurance with MIGA costs between $3500 and $7500.


Endorsement & Medicare

What is it all about?

In November 2011, the federal government passed a bill that allowed ‘eligible’ (now called ‘endorsed) midwives in private practice to access medicare rebates for antenatal, birth in hospital as primary carer and postnatal care (more information can be found on the Medicare website HERE)

The idea of this was to make private midwifery care more accessible to women. However to be able to give women these rebates, the midwife must form a collaborative arrangement with an appropriately qualified medical practitioner (obstetrician or GP obstetrician) to consult with for each individual woman.

How do I find endorsed midwives?

MAMA midwives are all eligible. Visit the AHPRA website list of practitioners ( to see individual practitioner’s registration.

How do I become an endorsed midwife?

To apply to become an endorsed midwife you must:

  • have 3 years post graduate experience across the midwifery continuum
  • hold Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Complete a professional practice review of your practice such as the ACM’s Midwifery Practice Review (MPR). MPR is a review of your practice run by the ACM, which aims to provide you with a certificate that shows you are competent across the midwifery scope of practice. You can request the reviewers to come if you have a group together or visit the ACM website for more information and dates. The cost is around $600, and you are required to complete this every 3 years.
  • Apply for notation on your AHPRA registration. This costs $90 and is a process to assess your eligibility. Once the AHPRA board have decided you are eligible, this will appear on the website under notations. Download the notation.
  • Apply for a Medicare provider number



Collaboration is required from obstetricians/GP obstetricians for midwives to be able to obtain medicare rebates for women in their care. There are four ways midwives can obtain a collaborative arrangement:

  • by being employed by an obstetric practice
  • by obtaining a written referral from an appropriately qualified practitioner
  • by having a formal written collaborative agreement with one or more specified medical practitioners
  • by having a collaborative arrangement (in writing) in a prescribed manner.

We are working out ways to make collaboration work. Please feel free to call us to have a chat about collaboration!

Student support & mentoring

We are very keen to support students in our practice. We have relationships set up with all Victorian Universities to allow students to attend MAMA for clinical placements, as well as some arrangements with interstate and overseas universities. Students are also able to access MAMA for mentoring, as well as volunteer work. Please contact MAMA on 9376 7474 for more information.

Thinking of becoming a MAMA Midwife?

MAMA Services can offer Midwives a range of support work under the MAMA banner, including:
  • Support to do paperwork to become an ‘endorsed midwife’ and obtain medicare, ABN etc
  • A chance to be a part of the first private midwifery centre of its kind in Victoria, providing medicare rebates for antenatal and postnatal care.
  • A place of work that is 100% owned by midwives, promoting YOUR PROFESSION!
  • The opportunity to grow with the company
  • Flexibility
  • Debriefing and mentoring
  • Professional development
  • The opportunity to start your own business as a sole trader, supported by MAMA. This means that YOU are responsible for the standard of care you provide (within our professional bodies guidelines), so you will know your clients are getting a high standard of care!
  • Flexible hours- you choose when you work. Weekdays, weekends, afternoons; whenever! Our aim is to make appointments to suit the midwives and the women!
  •  The chance to provide continuity of care
  •  Support to provide individualized, woman and community centered care.
  •  The choice of antenatal care, birth care at home or in hospital (support), postnatal support, education, lactation consultation at the MAMA centre, or in women’s homes.
  •  The opportunity to earn a good living without doing the shift work
  •  We are 100% breastfeeding and baby friendly; bring your baby to work with carer welcome!
  •  We provide the reception, invoicing, equipment, centre, clients; all we need is your passion!


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