This is not a typical “second child” birth story. Instead of being faster, like most people expect, my labour lasted about 27 hours, 10 hours longer than my first. However, though it may have been longer and at times more difficult, I felt that the care was beyond my expectations. The intimacy of having a home birth, surrounded by those I love and trust, made Asher’s birth perfect.

I started feeling contractions early on Tuesday morning and they slowly grew stronger throughout the day. This was my second baby so I thought for sure he would come that evening. I was wrong!  Later that night Asher still hadn’t arrived, but I felt my contractions were getting stronger, so I asked my midwife and the team to come. She arrived just after my mother, a doula / friend and a student midwife / friend.

The prelabour was consistent but not really progressing so we all rested throughout the night. At about 6am my contractions really strengthened and labour began. Up until this point the contractions were very sporadic and mild, though not too mild because I only had two hours sleep. As my contractions continued to intensify, I moved around swapping positions frequently.

After such a long prelabour, my midwife could see that I was fatigued and with her many years of experience, she know exactly what I needed. She suggested that my friends (the doula & student midwife) give me a massage. My mother and three year old daughter even joined in. It was heaven, my mind and body were able to relax and re-energise, giving me the strength to continue.

When it was time to push, I felt like I was watching my body from above. I was struggling to concentrate and lacking in energy to really push. Then I remember my midwife saying “your baby needs you Margo” and in that moment I was completely in my body and ready to become a mother all over again. Moments later he was here. My daughter rushed in to meet him with a grin on her face from ear to ear. Though I was tired, baby Asher was happy throughtout the whole labour. His waters broke only minutes before he was born.

My birthing team was amazing! They all supported me in different ways and I feel really lucky to have had them all there. My midwife was so wise and honest, I felt completely supported and reassured throughout the whole birth and at no point was I afraid or in doubt. My husband has supported me through two births now and he amazes me every time. He becomes this pillar of strength for me and I feel so safe in his arms. My friends and mother supported my daughter and I with grace and unconditional love. My daughter’s presence was so important to me and I know that she looks back on the day with such joy and such love for her little brother.Baby Asher George

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