The Birth of Stella

The Birth of Stella, for Stella Written by mum, Barbara for her beautiful daughter Stella to read when she grows up  On the whole, being pregnant with you was pretty easy. I had mild morning sickness, my diet devolved into daily baked potatoes from SpudBar on Commercial Road, and I had to stand Read more

The birth story of Grace Joukhadar

A VBAC after 2 caesareans? Where on earth would I find a professional, informed, supportive environment to guide me through this journey?   I was fortunate enough to discover an amazing place called Midwives and Mothers Australia (MAMA). Here is how my journey began...   I had my first baby in Read more

The Birth of Reuben Edward

Written by mum, Meg.  I was absolutely feeling fed up with being pregnant. I felt like I'd surrendered all I had and was feeling so down that baby still hadn't come. My cousin and her baby girl came for a visit and I had some lovely cuddles with her bub. We joked about asking  her to tell her new Read more

The Birth of Thomas

Written by Thomas's mum, Barbara  The labour with my first child Stella had been long and difficult as she was born posterior, and when I became pregnant with my second I immediately wondered if I was going to have another posterior baby, and whether it would be just as difficult second time Read more

Clem’s Birth Story

Written by MAMA mum, Jacqui   So my pregnancy was fairly easy and uncomplicated. I remember thinking (and probably saying) ‘When’s the hard stuff going to start?’ All my prenatal check ups were pretty uneventful – everything ok, off you go, see you in a bit. I had minimal monitoring, Read more

Ebony Rae – A Special Rainbow Baby

Ebony Rae - a special rainbow baby "We are very excited to finally meet our little rainbow, Ebony Rae Tonkin. 4.29kgs and 53cm long, Ebony was born on 16th January at home surrounded by the most loving and supportive birth team we could have asked for. Thank you to Marita, Marg, Jan, Kelly & Read more

New Year’s Day Arrival of Baby Autumn

ANOTHER New Year's Day baby Autumn "On the 1st of January, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Autumn into the world with the support of Jan Ireland in a hospital setting. With the support of Jan, I was able to labour at home in a comfortable environment for as long as possible, which was what Read more

Happy, Healthy & Exquisite Elowen

Welcome Happy, Healthy & Exquisite Elowen "Elowen Costin was born 6 January 2017 at 2:44pm weighing 3634 grams. She is everything I dreamed she would be and so much more. Healthy, happy, exquisite. As her mother I am forever grateful to MAMA midwives Jan and Rachel and birth attendant Gemma Read more

Azrael’s Empowering Birth

Catherine & Gindi attended MAMA's signature childbirth education classes, MAMABirth & welcomed baby Azrael in an empowering birth experience "While my birth didn't go how I thought I wanted it to in detail, the outcomes were perfect - healthy mama and baby (and mentally healthy too), as Read more