Yoga at MAMA

At MAMA, we have three different yoga practices:

  • Antenatal/Prenatal/Pregnancy Yoga
  • Mums and Bubs Yoga
  • Postnatal/General Yoga

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Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal Yoga: Pregnancy is a wonderful time to practice yoga, keeping your body healthy and your mind calm while deepening the bond with your unborn baby. A regular yoga practice has proven benefits of reducing stress, increasing vitality, improving fitness and making the body both stronger and more flexible. Our prenatal yoga classes offer a safe and supportive environment in which to practice postures, breathing and mindfulness meditations that meet the changing needs of the expectant mother. Our yoga teachers, Melanie and Louise, have a deep understanding of both Yoga and of the many and varying pregnancy symptoms women may experience. They are passionate about supporting women on their journey through pregnancy and beyond.

  • Saturdays 8:30-9:30am at MAMA Kensington with Grace and  Lauren
  • Saturdays 9am-10am at MAMA Caulfield with Louise
    $23 for casual class, $95 for a 5 class pass

Yoga for Birth course is a wonderful course to prepare you for birth
Available @ both Kensington & Caulfield 

In this short 4 or 5-week course you will learn:

  • To improve overall body strength and flexibility
  • To create a sense of lift in the torso and   space for the breath
  • To relieve the pain and discomfort of common pregnancy symptoms
  • Simple, flowing movements that can help     with optimal foetal positioning
  • Breathing techniques that are proven to relax the body, reduce tension and stress, and improve alertness and presence
  • You will also take home with you two 15-min Yoga sequences, one for the prenatal and one for the post-partum period.
  • We welcome partners to Prenatal Yoga. If you and your partner would like to attend together, speak to us about a couples rebate! Yoga is for everybody.
  • A prenatal class caters to all levels of experience. For any questions, please contact Mel directly at

Kensington Yoga for birth course: Saturday Mornings: 8.30-9.30AM

Caulfield Yoga for birth course: Saturday mornings:  9-10am

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Please call 9376 7474 or email if you are experiencing any issues with online booking. Scroll down for more information!


Mums and Bubs Yoga

Mothers and Babies Yoga is a wonderful continuation of your prenatal practice, or a wonderful new addition to your early time with your baby. It is both fun and soothing. Focus is on rebuilding core and pelvic strength, relieving the aches commonly associated with early mothering, and sharing a nurturing practice with your baby. Wear something comfortable, bring a bunny rug for your baby and any toys she is enjoying.

Here at MAMA, we feel very strongly about supporting mothers and babies after birth, so drop in to a Mums and Bubs class to connect with other mothers and with a wide web of support. We offer a morning tea every Friday morning, so even if you don’t feel you want to join a class that day, you are welcome to come with your baby and chat with others.


  • Mums & Bubs at Kensington

Fridays  10am-11am, and 11am-12pm with Louise and Grace

These are casual classes, no bookings required!
$20 for one class or $180 for 10 classes


  • Mums & Bubs at Caulfield

Monday mornings 10am-11am with Louise

This is a 4/5 week course, please book your spot!
$75 for 4 part series or $95 for 5 part series Online booking available here


Postnatal/General Yoga at MAMA

Take time out for yourself and ease your way into a regular yoga practice with this safe and replenishing General class. The class does address common postnatal concerns, but is also suitable for everyone, whether you’ve had a baby  recently or not!

In this 5 week course, we:

  • enhance the stability of the body
  • restore the tone of the pelvic floor
  • stretch and release common areas of tension
  • replenish overall vital energy through a combination of active and restorative postures, moving closely with the breath.

Cost is $95 per person for full course, or $23 for a casual class.

Everybody is different when it comes to postnatal exercise. Generally a minimum of 6 weeks post birth (if there were no complications / surgery). Please check with your health care professional before attending the course. Please note this course isn’t suitable for babies … we do run Mums & Bubs classes on Friday mornings at Kensington: see our KENSINGTON YOGA TIMETABLE below or call 9376 7474 with any enquiries.

For any further questions regarding this course, please contact Melanie directly at

  • General Yoga – Saturday morning 9.45 – 10.45am at MAMA Kensington
    $95 for 5 part series Click here for upcoming dates + online booking
  • General Yoga- Saturday Mornings 10am at MAMA Caulfield with Louise (from 1st July classes will commence at 9:15am)

$95 for a 5 class pass, which can be commenced at any time.




Lauren Garrett-Spence



10am (1hr)

Grace Joukhadar




Lauren Garrett-Spence



11am (1hr)

Grace Joukhadar




Lauren Garrett-Spence

commencing in October; confirmation coming soon!

For any questions, please contact our reception at 9376 7474 or

For questions regarding the course itself, please contact Grace