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VBAC Your Way

11am-5pm for 1-day workshop

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birthwell birthright’s unique one-day VBAC Your Way course will provide women and their partners with all the current evidence-based information and resources they need to maximise their chances of having a successful VBAC.

Our goal is to help women make informed decisions about how they want to give birth and to encourage an honest and respectful dialogue with their caregivers. Providing accurate information and resources about VBAC can help childbearing women and their families avoid the risks associated with caesarean section.

Our course covers the following topics:

  • VBAC: The Benefits for Mothers and Babies
  • What Is the Main Concern When Labouring for a VBAC?
  • A Closer Look at Repeat Caesareans: Benefits & Risks
  • What Are the Odds of My Having a VBAC?
  • Four Main Reasons for a First Caesarean: What You Can Do Differently This Time
  • Helpful Strategies for Labour and Birth
  • Coping With the Pain of Labour
  • Psychological and Emotional Issues
  • If I Want a VBAC, Where Can I Give Birth? Planning a Hospital VBAC
  • Planning a Home VBAC (HBAC): Is It Safe?
  • How Do You Want to Give Birth? It’s Your Decision
  • What You Can Do To Have a Safe and Satisfying Birth
  • Trust Yourself to Give Birth Safely

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