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Save a Kid: Paediatric First Aid for parents & carers


Save a Kid’s paediatric first aid course for parents, grandparents & carers returns to MAMA

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ABOUT Save a Kid:

Save A Kid is a Melbourne based business specialising in teaching parents and carers about common childhood illness and injury, how to recognise a sick child, when to seek medical help, choking management and CPR for children of all ages.

We believe our position as paediatric emergency nurses gives us a unique insight into what parents worry about, and what they need to know!

Melanie and Megan, founders of Save A Kid, have been paediatric nurses since 2003 and have spent the last 11 years working as paediatric emergency nurses. Melanie and Megan have witnessed an overwhelming need for education and support in the area of children’s healthcare. Save a Kid was founded to dispel myths, alleviate fear and empower parents and carers by giving them the confidence to know what to do when their child is unwell or injured.

Our goal is to use all of our experiences, both happy and devastating to enable carers to respond to a variety of emergencies children in their care may encounter. We create a laid back, engaging and interactive environment that generates discussion and questions from participants.

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$65 (1 participant), $120 (2 participants)


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