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MAMABirth Class


MAMABirth is MAMA’s signature childbirth education course, presented by MAMA midwives Hayley, & Rachel. We aim to empower parents to make informed decisions by providing resources & strategies to navigate the ups & downs of your childbearing journey with confidence.

MAMABirth classes are capped to small numbers and aim to make you feel excited, prepared & empowered about labour, birth & parenting. We present the best available evidence NOT hospital policies or practitioner preferences to help you make informed decisions & communicate these with your health care providers. All content is tailored to the individual needs of our participants & updated regularly according to the latest evidence. MAMABirth classes are suitable for women in ANY model of care or birth setting (e.g. private midwife, public or private hospital, shared care, obstetrician care, homebirth etc.)

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  •  4 x 2.5hr evening classes 6.30pm – 9.00pm OR
  • 2 x 5hr weekend classes 11am – 5pm OR 10.30am – 4.30pm (check your confirmation letter after booking)

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  • 4 x 2.5hr evening classes 6.30pm – 9.00pm OR
  • 2 x 5hr weekend classes 11am – 5pm OR 10.30am – 4.30pm (check your confirmation letter after booking)

COST: PRICE DROPPED FROM $480 to $380 FOR 2018! 

INCLUDES: tea, coffee & light refreshments, comprehensive resource pack including MAMABirth booklet, ongoing phone & email support from the MAMABirth team after your course, $50 MAMA Services allied health voucher, photography discount voucher from Lacey Barratt Photography.


  • MAMABirth 1 – the last few weeks of pregnancy, the physiology of labour (hormones), early labour, perineal massage, antenatal colostrum expressing, breathing/relaxation strategies, optimal foetal positioning, GBS screening, complementary therapies
  • MAMABirth 2 – the continuum of labour (psychological, emotional & physical changes), active labour, working with pain vs pain relief, promoting normal birth, pregnancy extending beyond 40 weeks, creating a birth plan, B.R.A.I.N. decision-making acronym, informed consent, the role of assessment techniques & interventions,
  • MAMABirth 3 –the gate control theory of pain relief – sterile water injections, TENS, massage etc., water immersion, pharmacological pain relief (epidurals, opioids, nitrous oxide), the birth (“2nd stage”), birthing the placenta (“3rd stage”), helping baby to transition to life outside the womb, caesarean births, preparing for the unexpected (episiotomy, forceps, vacuum, meconium liquor, PPROM, prem labour, pre-eclampsia etc.)
  • MAMABirth 4 – baby’s first 24 hours, neonatal screen test, Hep B vaccine, Vitamin K, bath, skin to skin & kangaroo care, breastfeeding, feeding cues, normal newborn behaviour & patterns, settling & soothing, safe sleeping & SIDS, normal nappies, postpartum recovery, emotional health after baby, exploring expectations, celebrating our journey

Please note this is a general overview of content explored in great detail in the classes. Each class & series are a little different as we tailor the content to the needs & wishes of our participants. Please get in touch if you would like more information

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January – Sunday 14th and 21st (10:30-4:30), February – Thu 1st, Fri 2nd, Tue 6th, Wed 7th (6:30-9:30pm), March – Thu 1st, Fri 2nd, Tue 6th, Wed 7th (6:30-9:30pm), April – Sunday 8th and 15th (10:30-4:30)

Payment Option

$150 deposit, $380 full amount


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