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11am-5pm for two-day workshop

7pm-9.30pm for three-night workshop


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The birth of your baby (especially if you are expecting your first child) is a major milestone in your life. It is an amazing journey that can encompass joy and excitement, but also anxiety and even fear. Pregnant women are bombarded on a daily basis with messages that birth is an emergency waiting to happen. It’s rare that we see beautiful images of birth and rarer still that we are exposed to empowering and positive stories of birth. As a result, many women don’t have faith in their body’s ability to give birth naturally and without a lot of medical intervention. birthwell birthright aims to help mothers regain their connection to a vital force deep inside that knows how to give birth. It’s that same force that intuitively guides us to parent our children. More than ever, pregnant women and their partners need access to quality, evidence-based childbirth education. Take the time to really prepare for this incredible emotional and physical experience by enrolling in one of birthwell birthright’s Lamaze courses at either MAMA’s Caulfield or Kensington centre. You’ll leave feeling empowered, informed, confident and excited about the imminent arrival of your beautiful baby!

birthwell birthright’s Lamaze course is ideally suited to women in their third trimester. Classes are small, no more than 7 pregnant women and their partners.


  • 3 x 2.5hr session evening course at MAMA Centre Caulfield
  • 2 x 6hr session weekend course at MAMA Kensington

COST: $495 per couple for full series

INCLUDES: resource folder with relevant handouts, recommended reading materials & links, 2hr infant first aid & CPR course and a reunion gathering after everyone has had their baby.

• The basic anatomy and physiology of pregnancy
• Stages and phases of labour
• What to take to the hospital
• How to tell if you are in labour and when to go to the hospital (if you are choosing a hospital birth)
• Comfort measures for the physical discomforts of late pregnancy
• The role of hormones in labour and postpartum
• Comfort measures such as breathing, use of heat and cold, hydrotherapy, massage, counter-pressure and positioning in labour
• The role of pain in labour and how to work with it
• Communication skills to help you work most effectively with your health care providers
• Common hospital procedures and interventions
• Caesarean birth
• The importance of continuous emotional and physical support
• Relaxation and visualization techniques
• Beneficial positions for pushing and delivery
• The postpartum period for mother, her partner and baby
• Breastfeeding
• Newborn care
• Support and resources for new mothers in Melbourne
• BONUS! Our courses also include a comprehensive 2-hour infant first aid and CPR course taught by experienced paramedics (and mums!)


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$150 deposit, $495 full amount


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