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Pregnancy Advice and Care

Pregnancy Advice and Care provision in Melbourne

Confused by what model of care to choose? We fit in with any model of care to provide empowering, individualised, continuity of care. See our information on models of care here.

Midwifery Care

Thinking it’s too late to change caregivers? Come to MAMA! Make a time to see a MAMA midwife and see how we can empower you on your journey.

MAMA Midwives provide continuity of Midwifery care for you in any model. We have one question for you; Who’s your Midwife?

Have a private obstetrician? Have a MAMA Midwife involved in your care too! Appointments are around 1 hour long, allowing time for your questions and exploring things that are important to you.

Going through the public hospital system? MAMA Midwives can provide Shared Care in most instances, or additional individualised care alongside your hospital appointments. We provide birth support in both private and public hospitals, so you have a known caregiver supporting you through your labour & birth.

Worried its too late to change models of care? It’s not too late! Make a booking today to find out what our team can do for you!

Want a homebirth? MAMA Midwives provide primary care and are able to offer homebirth to clients who are low risk. Look at our team of MAMA Midwives here or Make an appointment with a MAMA Midwife to find out more!

MAMA Pregnancy Advice

Other MAMA Medical, Allied & Complementary services

Need more support or nourishment in pregnancy? See our fabulous team of skilled therapists who are all focused on pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. Our Childbirth Education classes such as Lamaze and MAMABirth are filled with high quality evidence based information so that you can be prepared with the best current research available. We also offer refresher courses for parents who have done it before, and specific courses for breastfeeding and VBAC! Our Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner can assist with common issues in pregnancy such as nausea and vomiting, and can assist in getting you in to labour! Our team of Midwives are able to provide continuity of care no matter what model of care you have chosen; public hospital, private obstetrician or homebirth! Make an appointment with a MAMA Midwife to see how we can assist you on your journey.

Our Chiropractor works mainly with pregnancy and new babies, and is focused on getting the body aligned for birth.

Our counsellors can work through previous birth traumas, fears about your upcoming birth, or maternal/infant bonding.

Our psychologist is a perinatal mental health specialist, who can work through issues with you that come up during pregnancy and the postnatal period.

Our homeopath produces remedies for the individual, and will discuss your ailments and work through them with you.

Fancy a Massage? Our team of Massage therapists are here to help, with massage focused on anything from stress relief, muscle tension relief to labour induction!

Our Aromatherapist can work with scents that can improve ailments in pregnancy including stress and nausea, and can help prepare you for birth.

Need to improve your diet or nutrition in pregnancy? Our Naturopath will assist with herbs or supplements to keep you in optimal condition throughout your pregnancy!

Need assistance with keeping your pelvic floor in good condition? Look no further that our experienced Women’s Health Physiotherapist, who will ensure optimal pelvic floor function throughout pregnancy and the postnatal period.

We have Yoga classes for pregnancy, find out more about our fabulous instructors and their classes here.