Postnatal Care

Are you based in Melbourne, and needing postnatal support? Our Midwives can come to you, 7 days a week, and provide postnatal care for you and your baby (fees apply). Our team of Allied Health practitioners are available at our two clinics, based in Kensington and Caulfield. Read more below or call us now on 9376 7474!

Our Midwives provide breastfeeding support and care of the mother and baby in the first 6 weeks after birth with medicare rebates. You can request an appointment with our Midwives at the top of this page, who are available 7 days a week.

  • With a referral from a GP (or MAMA Midwife in the 6 weeks after birth), you can see our experienced paediatrician who can do thorough checkups on your baby, and make referrals as required.
  • Our psychologist is a perinatal mental health specialist who can be accessed for 10 visits with medicare rebates with a Mental Health Plan from your GP.
  • Our counsellors can work through any birth trauma, or maternal/infant bonding concerns.
  • We have Classes for breastfeeding and first aid for children, which teach you all the common emergency situations you might come across with your little one.
  • Our experienced Women’s Health Physiotherapist, can work with you to regain optimal pelvic floor function throughout the postnatal period, or to deal with common issues such as prolapse.
  • Our aromatherapist can help with birth recovery, breastfeeding issues, poor sleep and feelings of anxiety, depression, and low confidence.
  • You can also learn baby massage at MAMA. There is a comprehensive list of benefits for infant massage, based on extensive research, including improved sleep, enhanced bonding and relief from wind, colic, reflux and constipation.
  • We have mum’s & bubs yoga that will ease you back into your yoga practice, or general/postnatal yoga when you are ready to have some time back to yourself.
  • Or see our Children’s physiotherapist who can assist with improving your child’s motor skills. Or to restore your body after birth, see our Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, who can provide acupuncture or herbs to maximise your recovery.
  • Our chiropractor works with women, newborns and children, to improve alignment and in turn functionality of the body. She can do checkups and gently adjustments on your baby to improve breastfeeding attachment, sleeping, and pain for the newborn.
  • Our homeopath can prescribe individual remedies that can assist physical and emotional healing after birth.
  • Our massage therapists are available 6 days a week to nourish the mother after pregnancy and birth- look after yourself so you can look after your baby!
  • Our Naturopath is available to assist with postnatal recovery by looking at your diet & prescribing supplements that will maximise your return to health.