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Kay Southcombe

Kay is a registered homeopath in practice for over 14 years. She is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of her patients and believes homeopathy is a gentle and effective way to achieve this.

She has a particular interest in women’s and children’s health and has supported many families over the years, providing natural and effective care for their general complaints as well as those specifically related to pregnancy, labour, and the post-natal period.

She supports natural birth by using homeopathic medicine to promote a healthy pregnancy and to prepare for labour. She also provides homeopathic kits, which contain a range of remedies to assist with labour and general recovery from childbirth.

Kay enjoys treating children and also educating parents in the use of homeopathy to treat minor complaints for both themselves and their children. She is the author of “Homeopathic Medicine for Children” - a reference guide for treating the common complaints of childhood, with simple, straightforward instructions so parents can gain confidence in using homeopathy to treat minor illnesses at home.

Additionally Kay has worked in the Homeopathic Lab at Martin & Pleasance for over 12 years, preparing and dispensing homeopathic medicines. This has given her an additional depth of understanding and appreciation of homeopathic medicine and its many applications in treating both acute and chronic health problems.

She has a Bachelor degree in Homeopathy and continues to study and expand her knowledge and understanding of homeopathy and its capacity to treat illness on all levels. At present she is doing post-graduate study in Advanced Homeopathy.

Kay is available at MAMA Kensington on Tuesdays and Fridays 10-6