Medicare rebates & fees


Our fee structure is similar to that of a GP practice; fees vary depending on the service you require and your personal circumstance. For example, some medicare rebates are available for antenatal and postnatal visits (if a collaborative arrangement is in place with an obstetrician or GP obstetrician- for more information see our referrals and collaboration page) and this will vary depending on the amount you have reached in your Safety Net, the length of the visit, and whether it is at our centre or in your home. If you would like to know what our fees are specifically, please call MAMA on 9376 7474, and we will either discuss with you over the phone, or make an appointment with a Midwife for you to discuss.


Medicare provides substantial rebates, which may assist in funding the cost of private midwifery services with endorsed Midwives, similar to seeing a GP. The amount you get back from medicare will depend on your Safety Net amount (see below). Please note; some private health funds give rebates for midwives too. Check with your private health fund as rebates may differ for your individual cover.

What is the Safety Net?

The amount you get back from medicare depends on your Medicare Safety Net status. Your safety net amount is the amount you are out of pocket when you have been charged above the benefit amount for a medicare rebatable service. For more information on the Medicare Safety Net click here. To find out your current safety net amount you can call medicare on 132 001 or register online.

*To find out if you are eligible for Family Tax Benefit A. click here