Our Midwives work with women planning to birth in any setting, to work towards having an empowered birth; whatever that means for you. We usually work with women who want to have a birth with as little intervention as possible, whether this be in the setting of a public hospital, a private hospital or at home.

MAMA Birth Care

Midwives are trained to detect problems in labour and birth should they arise, and MAMA Midwives provide continuity of care so we know what you want before you go into labour. In most circumstances we can provide support to labour at home until you are in established labour, then can work as advocates in the hospital setting or primary carers in the home setting.

We keep records of every labour & birth we attend, and we are proud to show you our statistics from the past 6 years, since our conception! We are currently working on these, so stay tuned and they will be available here soon.